Emma Lundstedt

“Working with Alana is one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s hardworking, passionate and good at what she does. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable and always holds space for you to grow. I’ve achieved so much since joining the program. I’ve been able to identify my limiting beliefs and work through them, gotten clear on what I want and why and improved my health drastically. I’ve also been connecting with other amazing like minded girls in the program who have taught me so much and made me feel safe. It’s been a great community for everyone to share their discoveries and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. My favorite part was getting to surround myself with all these empowered women which made the whole experience so magical as well as learning so much new about ayurveda and manifestation! This program is perfect for anyone who is tired of procrastinating their dreams and finally want act on what sets their soul on fire as well as developing the optimal health for it. “