Allie Frank

“Working with Alana brought me to a place I only dreamed to be possible. She taught me that all the love I felt within myself was able to come out, if I just let it. I was the only one stopping myself! Each time we got on a call it felt like I was realigning to my true self, to my true purpose. This kind of centering feels so needed in today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in lower energies especially through social media. Alana portrays how social media can be used in such a gentle yet powerful way to spread positivity and dreams. All we have to do is choose to become the light that we know we are. Since joining the program I’ve been able to achieve goals I’ve always wanted to accomplish but never set forth. With Alana’s help I took the first step towards building my brand, after that everything started to fall into place. It feels so satisfying to turn your creative ideas into creative actions. It’s liberating, anything is possible. My favorite part of Be Your Own Healer was definitely connecting with so many like minded individuals. It was the group of girls I had always envisioned myself surrounded by. The support and encouragement to turn our dreams into reality is endless through this lovely group of ladies. That’s what’s cool about this program, it’s a way to network. Just because we finished doesn’t mean it’s over. The door has just opened, we’re all blooming in ideas of how to collaborate and incorporate our blogs, websites and businesses together. Girl. Power. I recommended Alana’s program to anyone who’s felt a mental block in accomplishing their dreams. This is the place to learn how to remove the block. Working with these ladies is a dream.”