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Balancing out Hormones with Plants

Hi girls! Lets talk about hormones. No matter what phase of life we are in, whether we just got our period, are trying to conceive ( or not) or we’re nearing menopause, hormones play a big role in our lives . Balancing out our hormones can benefit us in many different ways, not limited to,… Continue reading Balancing out Hormones with Plants

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Healing with Self Love

I used to think of the term ‘self love’ in a negative way. The meaning behind it wouldn’t touch my soul until I become one with its core meaning. Self love to me used to be superficial. Growing up, I would hear other little girls use it  when they were talking about someone who cared… Continue reading Healing with Self Love


Vegan Empanadas Recipe

A healthy vegan version for all empanada lovers! This was my first time making them and so i’ll be honest they didn’t turn out as pretty as i’d envisioned on my mind but they did turn out super delicious and it’s a great recipe to make when having people over or as part of a… Continue reading Vegan Empanadas Recipe