Vegan Falafel Recipe

Is anyone else tired of ordering vegan food when you go out to eat and it just taste bland? Luckily i've found a couple good spots around where I live that serve really good plant based plates but it makes me think, no wonder some people think going vegan would be so hard.. The reality … Continue reading Vegan Falafel Recipe

How To Tame Your Sugar Cravings with Veggies

Hey You, If you're like me, then you can't help but crave sugary things. By sugary things, I don't  just mean candies and chocolates.. I mean processed foods with refined sugars too, like pasta and bread. A little known fact is that our brain reacts to sugar just like it reacts to cocaine. No wonder … Continue reading How To Tame Your Sugar Cravings with Veggies

Mindful Poetry

How do you express yourself? You know, those deep feelings?  The ones that might be hard to put into words? I love to talk but for some reason its easier for me to express myself through writing than by actually talking.  I realized poetry is an art and even easier way for me to express … Continue reading Mindful Poetry