Immunity Boosting : Thai- Chaga Soup

I created this recipe by throwing in a pot everything my body was craving when I started to feel sick: curry, coconut milk, ginger, chug mushroom tea.. AND I was too surprised with how amazing the taste turned out + how much better it made me feel. So this is how I got over the … Continue reading Immunity Boosting : Thai- Chaga Soup

Vegan Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Hey you! Yes it's creamy. it's fresh. and its plant based! One big thing I always here about people that are thinking about going vegan/vegetarian but are hesitant is : "But I want to enjoy my food" Yes! Everyone should enjoy food, food should bring pleasure, taste good and make you feel even better! There's … Continue reading Vegan Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Dealing with Stress Eating – Intuitively & Mindfully

Its really common for us to use foods to cope with emotions. So common that eating ice cream when we’re sad has become a cliche. Consuming satisfying foods can help raise our dopamine levels short term, but soon after that split moment the levels drop and we experience negative emotions such as guilt, regret, anger … Continue reading Dealing with Stress Eating – Intuitively & Mindfully

Lack of Nutrients = Always Hungry

  One second you’re opening the fridge and cabinets, making yourself your typical breakfast and then the next thing you know you’re on your way out the door and you are already hungry. Hmm… At first I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough and then I looked back and I was sure that wasn’t the … Continue reading Lack of Nutrients = Always Hungry

Vegan Empanadas Recipe

A healthy vegan version for all empanada lovers! This was my first time making them and so i’ll be honest they didn’t turn out as pretty as i’d envisioned on my mind but they did turn out super delicious and it’s a great recipe to make when having people over or as part of a … Continue reading Vegan Empanadas Recipe