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Made with lots of love this blend’s mission is to help with regulating menstrual cycles and relieve PMS (pre-menstrual cycle)  symptoms by enhancing mood, reducing pain and balancing out the root causes of our imbalances. Perfect for bringing balance when we feel unbalanced by emotions and symptoms of that time of the month! 

Ingredients and its purpose: 

Almond oil – carrier oil , loaded with vitamin A & E, helps gently blend the other essential oils. 

Lavender essential oil- Calming, helps increase blood flow and thus reduce cramps. 

Cinnamon essential oil- Helps to reduce uterine contractions and reduce cramps. 

Yang-Ylang essential oil- Antidepressant, helps to eliminate mood swings associated with PMS. Helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. 

Rose essential oil- Helps stimulate proper hormone levels to regulate cycles. 

Cypress essential oil- nourishes the blood and eases cramps. 

Clary sage essential oil- Helps balance out hormones to reduce PMS and regulate Cycles. 

Peppermint essential oil- Reduces pain, increases blood circulation and increases productivity. 

Dried peony flowers- Eases muscle cramps and  helps regulate cycles and balance out hormones. 



Enjoy the benefits of these therapeutic oils any time of day with our easy-to-roll roll-on essential oils. Apply directly on chest area, behind the ears and earlobes, inner wrists and you temples. Re-apply as necessary throughout the day. 


Legal Disclaimer: 

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ant diseases or health conditions. 



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