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Made with lots of love this affirmation blend’s mission is to help enhance mood, energize the brain, reduce anxiety and negative emotions and promote higher self-esteem. Perfect for starting the day right! 

Ingredients and their purpose:

Almond oil – carrier oil , loaded with vitamin A & E, helps gently blend the other essential oils. 

Ylang-Yalng oil – Fights depression, induces relaxed feelings, boosts self-esteem 

Geranium oil- Advances dopamine levels 

Ginseng oil- Helps relieve stress, stimulates both physical and mental health

Grapefruit oil- Stimulates the brain and  is a mood enhancer 

Jasmine Flowers –Improves stress and anxiety and improves mental clarity 


Enjoy the benefits of these therapeutic oils any time of day with our easy-to-roll roll-on essential oils. Apply directly on chest area, behind the ears and earlobes, inner wrists and you temples. Re-apply as necessary throughout the day. 


Legal Disclaimer: 

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ant diseases or health conditions. 


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