Green Foods – Plant Powder

Do you also feel like you have a lot to do in the mornings? I always wake up and do my morning routine, either journaling, stretching/yoga, make some tea, but before I know it I have to run out and I still haven't gotten dressed or done x, y & z... It almost feels like … Continue reading Green Foods – Plant Powder

Supplements & Super Foods

Conure Life - Water Enhancer¬† I'm trying to develop a habit to drink one cup of water every morning when I wake up to get things moving and start off my day hydrated. I've always been the type of person that knows how important it is to drink water but I forget or don't drink … Continue reading Supplements & Super Foods

Skin & Oral care – Natural Products

Hey You, As I became more aware of the side affects of using chemically filled products, I opted out to go all natural. This was hard. There's actually so many products out there in the market but not all of them are as useful as they claim.. As I tested many natural products, I've been … Continue reading Skin & Oral care – Natural Products