Healing with Self Love

I used to think of the term ‘self love’ in a negative way. The meaning behind it wouldn’t touch my soul until I become one with its core meaning. Self love to me used to be superficial. Growing up, I would hear other little girls use it  when they were talking about someone who cared … Continue reading Healing with Self Love

Cutting My Own Hair – My First Step Towards Detachment

Hey you, If you don't know me personally or if you've recently met me, then you might not know that i've had long hair my entire life until one day I grabbed a pair of scissors, some pony tails and chopped it off. Yeah who cares right? Well this blog post is not just about … Continue reading Cutting My Own Hair – My First Step Towards Detachment

Charging Food with Intention

Did you also have a hard time with rice? i’m fairly new to cooking, and if you’re like me you know what an adventure it is when you actually start experimenting with combining different ingredients/spices and serving it to someone  for the first time. You know that moment you're just waiting to see what the … Continue reading Charging Food with Intention