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Skin & Oral care – Natural Products

Hey You, As I became more aware of the side affects of using chemically filled products, I opted out to go all natural. This was hard. There's actually so many products out there in the market but not all of them are as useful as they claim.. As I tested many natural products, I've been… Continue reading Skin & Oral care – Natural Products


Anti- Inflammatory Life – Prevent Diseases – Promote Longevity

Hey Hey, If you've checked out the ABOUT section, then you already know i'm currently enrolled in the IIN on a journey to become a Holistic Health Coach. I find that our ability to heal ourselves is one of the greatest super powers we have. In order for us to use it to our best… Continue reading Anti- Inflammatory Life – Prevent Diseases – Promote Longevity


Easy Breakfast For Busy People

Glass jars are the best way to pack up a meal, store away leftovers, keep fresh pre- cut vegetables in the fridge and even to serve drinks and food with. ALSO, they are great for on-the-go days. ­čÖé For some reason, breakfast is the meal I struggle with the most to prepare. Trying to keep… Continue reading Easy Breakfast For Busy People

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Vegan Party Rolls

Bite size <3 A simple and quick recipe that you can customize! Here is what I usually use: Vegan gluten-free flat bread avocados sprouts purple cabbage tomatoes carrots salt pepper lime peanut sauce white chia seeds   Instructions First smash the avocados on a bowl and add the juice of half a lime, salt and… Continue reading Vegan Party Rolls


Heal Yourself – The Power of Focus, Love and Intention

" Where focus goes, energy flows" No one else can heal you the way you can heal yourself. That is your own special magic. Whether it is physically or emotionally, we are capable of promoting healing within ourselves. Taking care of our body by nourishing it with food is essential but we tend to underestimate… Continue reading Heal Yourself – The Power of Focus, Love and Intention

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Nurturing Potato Tacos

Vegan Tacos don't have to be boring.   This is by far the yummiest ┬átaco I made. I was going for a flavorful taco, you know something you eat and you're like WOW. Aside from this recipe being super easy, It is filled with nutrients from all the herbs, veggies and spices used. Perfect for… Continue reading Nurturing Potato Tacos

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Get rid of Myopia and glasses Naturally

Hi, thanks for checking out my first Alternatives & Awareness post <3 This section for me is extra special. I will be uncovering hidden gems i've found through deep research that I feel EVERYONE should know about. I find these posts important because they are usually OPTIONS to medical ┬átreatment that people were NEVER told… Continue reading Get rid of Myopia and glasses Naturally