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You’ve made your way over to this page for some reason… Maybe you’re just curious or maybe you feel like you have a calling to help others? Maybe learning more about holistic healing or guiding people towards a healthier life is something you’re thinking about? Maybe you’re tired of your job and you’d want to try health coaching?

Whatever the reason is that has brought you to this page, I want you to take a moment and think about it for a second. What is your intention?

If all of a sudden you feel a deep sense of “ this is the sign, this is where I’m supposed to be” or joy, curiosity and enthusiasm… I can tell you now you’re aligned with your purpose.

This is the same feeling I got when I ran into this holistic health program. AND it has changed my life!


Before I go on and explain what this program is and what certifying yourself as a holistic health coach allows you to do, I wanted to highlight who this program is ideal for: 

  • If you’re interested in learning about a holistic approach to health and ditch the diet mentality

  • If you want to help yourself and people jumpstart their health with a mind, body & soul approach

  • If you are looking for a job you can do from home, traveling or in an office ( you choose because you are your own boss)

  • If you like the flexibility of creating programs, working with other health professionals and choosing how much you want to work and make per month

  • If you feel like you have the gift of healing and are looking at ways to share this gift with others

  • If you want to become a wellness entrepreneur

  • If you want to take better care of your own health

  • If you’re a creative and can’t wait to customize your work for people!

  • If you want to understand how the body works from a scientific standpoint and also a spiritual standpoint

  • If you want to feel empowered and knowledgeable to offer guidance to people


Ok the list goes on and on, but if you can Identify yourself with one of those statements than you would thrive in this program.

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What is a Holistic Health Coach?

A certified health professional that can offer guidance and help people heal naturally and achieve their health goals in a holistic way. Instead of looking just at someone’s diet we look at all aspects of life to see where there are imbalances that we can help our clients bring back to harmony. Usually there are underlying causes to diet imbalances that are connected to emotions or mindsets, we help our clients create a better relationship with food and themselves by helping them heal the root causes of whatever issue is going on.

What is IIN?

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is the largest licensed institute in the United States to offer a certification program from Holistic Health Coaches. The lecture is 1 year long, online. You can do it from anywhere in the world!

The lectures are mostly videos with some worksheets, quizzes and exams taught by a variety of  the worlds best health professionals.

My favorite was Deepak Chopra’s lecture!

You can check out more information about them  HERE!

Some of the things this program covers:

  • 100 dietary theories
  • Bio Individuality
  • Primary foods and secondary foods
  • Healing from a Cellular level
  • Genetic  expression
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Herbs and their healing properties
  • How to handle cravings, addictions and emotional eating
  • Different foods that are good for different organs and organ system
  • The constitution of the mind, body and soul connection
  • How to be a health coach
  • The different types of programs you can create ( one-on-one, group, ect)
  • How to advertise your business
  • How to manage your budget
  • Financial freedom
  • Small business management  


These are just some of the things I could think off the top of my head. But there are 40 modules of amazing information that can help you take charge of you health and help other people along the way!


+ If you’re still in school these are worth 30 credits you can apply to your college degree!


What can you do with the certification?

You might want to be a coach or maybe not, but here’s the good news you are a certified health professional that has the credibility to do so much. Examples of things graduates have done:

  • Written health books
  • started wellness podcasts
  • Became health coaches, online or in person
  • Created health programs
  • Worked with doctors and other health professionals
  • Created online courses
  • Became health speakers at events
  • Started their own tv shows
  • Created retreats
  • Hosted events
  • Hosted workshops
  • Create healthy products

You are what you create!

Program support

  • Once you enroll you can join a facebook group with your classmates and connect with amazing like minded people
  • The staff replies emails within the day
  • There are 6 coaching calls to help you practice your coaching skills

Support from me:

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Email me now :  and let me know you’re interested! I’ll share with you the discount and answer any questions you have!

My story:

I started college as a business major and although I knew I wanted to create my own business someday, the classes I was taking weren’t bringing me a sense of joy. I knew something was missing. I did some soul searching, I knew I wanted to do something with healing and natural healing. For me it’s always been a topic I light up talking about. I could spend hours researching the health benefits  about any plant!

Going to medical school never felt right for me though, because I liked the idea of natural healing. And when I thought about becoming a naturopathic doctor, I couldn’t see myself in a room form 9-5 even if it was doing something I loved. I knew I wanted to help people and work in this field but I wanted to be able to do it from anywhere at any time… Not really how doctors work.

When I was sending out this intention, I ran into IIN and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for !

What i’m Doing 

Now that I graduated i’m working on a customized program to help people feel empowered to self-heal, I plan on having retreats, hosting workshops and i’ve been able to connect with many like minded people in the wellness world, be interviewed for 3 podcasts, a contributor to the health section of 2 magazines and work with many natural healing products and brands. I’ve been able to help people online and in person and improve my own health. I want to share this program with people because I can only imagine the amazing things people can do and create with this certification.

Although it was a lot of work, I did it while being a full time student and I work so I know it’s something you can do as well even with a busy schedule! 

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Feel free to message me any questions


Alana Lima