” Everyone is growing and learning at their own pace “

Welcome, thank you for visiting this page <3

My name is Alana.

My intention for this portal is to help promote self healing.  We can do this by directing focus to the mind body and soul in a holistic way. I am here to share personal experience but also to provide you with knowledge and resources to help you take care of  your own unique body and health. I have a long way to go with my own health journey, but i’m happy to share with you what i’ve learned so far and keep learning as I go <3

Throughout my journey of becoming more in tune with myself, i’ve been drawn again and again to the theme of holistic/alternative medicine and health. After much research, trial and error,  and personal experience, i’ve learned many ‘must know’ remedies, great healthy habits , essential natural products, and self healing techniques. These have saved me many  trips to the doctor, healed me quicker than any medication and added balance to my body and life; So  I feel I must share these special insights with you! 

Currently, I live in Hawaii and  am a holistic health coach and Plant based chef <3

This virtual portal is all about a journey to achieve harmony and balance.  I intend to to this by syncing together the body mind and soul for an all-inclusive health approach that you can use and apply as you wish in a very personalized way  <3 

I strongly believe the light we emit has the power to travel great distances, so here I am sharing my light with you <3

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this portal or my personal expereince, i’d be happy to learn from each other!