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Valerie- A La Mode Podcast & Blog

Hi beautiful souls,

I’m so excited to introduce you to Valerie from A La Mode podcast and blog! Valerie is so inspiring and has such a special message to share, she is the definition of young and thriving!! She does what she loves, pushes through and takes action! I am constantly inspired by her work and so I thought she would be a great addition to this page! We connected on Instagram when she invited me to her podcast to talk about thought shamming and Self-Love. Before I jumped on a call with her, I heard her podcasts and became a total fan girl of hers! Not only was she delivering helpful and important information through her platforms, but also she was real, raw and brought to surface topics that need more attention. For example, on our episode, we talked about the pressure health coaches put on themselves to “feel perfect” at all times. Once I got to know Valerie, I realized we were the same age, we were both health coaches, had similar backgrounds, both grew up in Miami and even called our grandmas by similar nicknames!! The coincidences or shall I say synchronicity were wild! She is the type of person I can jump on calls with and FLOW with! Which is pretty amazing, so this interview is really special! Let’s welcome your girl boss, Valerie!



Hello everyone! I’m Valerie, I host the A La Mode podcast, the blog Girl a La Mode and am a health coach & model living in NYC. A La Mode is a podcast I created to help optimize wellness for the modern girl who’s running around doing a million things, and incorporating  these powerful tips and tricks into your daily routine to fuel you for an amazing life designed by YOU. That’s the point of it all, isn’t it?

Before I lived in NYC, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and grew up in Miami and then a tiny town in Pennsylvania before I was signed to a modeling agency in NYC. 6 years later and I still feel like it was yesterday that I was riding my bike with my dad to a dairy farm to pick up glass jugs of milk in Pensylvania, HA.

In your podcast you talk about  all things health and wellness, what are some of the things listeners can expect to hear and learn about in your podcast?

A huge inspiration for pursuing health and wellness to me has been my older sister. She was prescribed adderall (an amphetamine to help kids who have trouble with ADD) from KINDERGARTEN (yes, that’s right) and long story short, in high school she decided she had had enough and went to a homeopathic doctor. She found out she had a gluten intolerance and was able to quit the medication. Just. Like. That.

That was one of the many moments in my life where the food to life experience switch really clicked in my brain, but it wasn’t until I became my own guinea pig that I realized how good I could feel ( and frankly, how shitty my feeling “good” base was prior).

In the A La Mode podcast I interview wellness & nutrition experts from around the world to extract the most effective & no BS tips and tricks to incorporate into our busy lives. After all, the goal of wellness is to be able to feel and live and DO that much more! Isn’t it? 

I know you are someone who definitely walk your talk, what is something you try to do everyday that helps keep you going without getting burned out?

I really love this question. I used to be such a routine person but as I’ve learned how to listen to my body, I have what a call a “tool belt” of wellness & biohacks, HA. One thing that is a non-negotiable is at least 1 completely unscheduled hour every morning and evening. Here are some of my favorite and most effective things I like to do.

BATH: when it comes to efficiency, bath is KING because you can multitask as much as you please. I have a full blog post on my bath ritual but long story short, it detoxes, is a form of cardio, I add Epsom salts for magnesium,, drink a chaga elixir, meditate, journal, and feel reborn when I get out, lol.

ELIXIRS: Functional mushroom ARE. MY. JAM! If you’re a beginner I have recipes on my page, but I recommend Chaga packets by Four Sigmatic and adding them to hot water, splash of a nut mylk, sweetener of choice, and cacao powder. It’s the only kind of hot coco I’ll drink. Maybe throw in some CBD and get crazy with it, it’s up to you.

ACCUPRESSURE MAT: It’s like $12 on Amazon? And if you can’t get acupuncture for whatever reason, this is my go-to. I have a full blog post going in depth about this magical trick, but I’ve noticed a big difference in sleep, stress & tension, and mood.

When it comes to time management, what’s something you do that helps keep you on track?

When it comes to time management, I’m the first to admit I need all the help I can get!! When I sit down to work, my phone is on airplane mode (wifi in case my agent needs me, lol), and I do something called the pomodoro technique. You pick what you need to work on and fully commit to one task, 25 minute deep work and 5 minutes break ( I like to lay on my acupressure mat and have an elixir or stretch). I also need to have a clean space, and I google calendar everything, color code it, and review it on Sunday and in the morning. I also journal each morning which helps a lot. OH and having a clean space is super important to me!

PS: If you’re ADD like me, use anything except for your phone as a timer or alarm. I use my Alexa! It helps me not check my phone when I wake up. Also go into settings and turn off notifications for all social media, I originally did it because my apps are arranged by color and I wanted it to look cleaner, but it helps A TON.

What is your passion? How did you find your passion?

I think we’re all such dynamic human beings and our passions are always changing. For me, I realized how impactful health is in the way you experience this one life on earth, and it’s really important for me to be and feel the best on this short time I have in this meat suit on a spinning mass in space, for myself and the relationships with people I love. I think the only way to find your passion is to not put pressure on yourself, and give yourself time to do whatever the F you feel like doing. If you give yourself enough time to follow what lights you up, I promise you, you’ll find that. Document it while you’re at it and try things that make you uncomfortable!

Holding yourself accountable is important to get our creative projects moving forward.  How do you hold yourself accountable?

By being really brutally honest with myself. If it’s not a FUCK yes, then I just know it’s not going to happen and I’m not going to waste anyones time. If it is that YES then I schedule meetings in my calendar ASAP (even if it’s just work time for me), make my to-do list, schedule those to-do lists in my calendar, brain storm, and get really freaking EXCITED!!!!

We all experience failures, big and small at some point. What have you learned from failure?

AHH! Failure! I’m a fan. Honestly, when I was nervous about launching my podcast, I just thought, “You know what, no matter what I’m doing, I’m going to cringe at it in 10 years so F IT!” It’s true, that’s how I really launched. HA. Failure only has the power you give it, like who really cares. Pour that energy so we can fail again, mmkay? Hahaha jk. I’m not saying it still doesn’t suck, but I try to suck it up and get comfortable being uncomfortable. C’est la vie.

I always talk about investment with creative  entrepreneurs, because at the end of the day we are all investing something whether that is money, time or energy. What is an investment you make towards your podcast?

NUMBER 1: In yourself! There’s not ONE area in your life that the way you feel about yourself doesn’t effect. Really think about it, because it’s so real. My podcast took a lot of practice, equipment, time, research, but I love every second of it! (Ok, maybe not editing but one day I’ll get someone for that, lol) If it’s something in life that’s a F YES for you, it’s worth every second and every bit of energy.

And of course, we’d love to know what advice you have to give other girls who’d want to create their own podcast?

I get this question all the time which I find so funny, because I’m the LEAST techie person EVER, and we have google which can get you WAY better answers. It cracks me up. ANYWAY as a bare-minimum: get a podbean account, find a microphone on amazon, and record on GarageBand. Export to mp.3 and upload to pod bean and harass your friends, family, teachers, neighbors and pets to listen, leave a review, and share. Launch fast and adjust as you go. TA-DA!

Where can people find you and A La Mode Podcast?

I work with clients for private health coaching, so if you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to email me at mailto:Valerie@girlalamode.com and I’d love to offer a free consultation!

And if you’re like me and need you’re elixir packet to-go to throw in your Starbucks iced matcha and listening to you’re podcast in the subway while going over your google calendar, then come vibe and

peep me at http://instagram.com/Valerie.ribon

The A La Mode podcast is available on iTunes & Spotify if you search A La Mode. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my episodes which air each Wednesday! You can also find me blogging away at www.Girlalamode.com <http://www.girlalamode.com/>

Till next time,  

Xx Valerie

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