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Green Foods – Plant Powder

Do you also feel like you have a lot to do in the mornings?

I always wake up and do my morning routine, either journaling, stretching/yoga, make some tea, but before I know it I have to run out and I still haven’t gotten dressed or done x, y & z…

It almost feels like time speeds up in the morning! Maybe it just means I need to time myself a little better too. I was thinking of ways that I could save time in the morning and boost my intake of nutrients early in the day. I heard about vegetable powders before but I was scared they wouldn’t taste good and just sit in my kitchen counter.

BUT they sounded great

  • loaded with nutrients
  • no mess
  • fast to prepare
  • and full of health and healing benefits

So I decided it was worth to give it a try.

I got 3 powders to try from Green Foods

  • Organic Beet Powder
  • Organic Carrot Powder
  • Organic Matcha Powder

+ A vegan protein blend!

The instructions said you can mix it in with anything! Water, juice, smoothie, baking dough… + They were sooo colorful! I was so excited.

IMG_0798 2

I decided to try it out with water first because I wanted to taste it!!


I poured 3 cups and started sampling the beet carrot and matcha, they all tasted amazing! There was no sugar added and there was a very neutral earthy flavor. I thought maybe i’d have to mix something in to make it taste good but I didn’t which was great because now I just pour water on my hydroflask and mix in 1-2 spoons of Green Foods Corp Powder and take it on the go!

Then I took a closer look at their website to check out all the health benefits and this is what it says for the beet powder:

• Fight Off Free Radicals: Beets are a fantastic source of antioxidants, in particular vitamin C, manganese and two carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin.
• Reduce Inflammation: Pigments in beets may help reduce inflammation, consequently reducing risk factors for developing everything from heart diseases to cancer. The same pigments may also reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis.
• Protect Vision: Studies have found a link between consuming lutein and zeaxanthin and lowering risk factors for age-related macular degeneration, and it may also help prevent cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa.
• Lower Blood Pressure: Beets can help lower blood pressure, likely due to the high level of nitrates naturally present in the vegetable. Results appear to be short-lived, but long-term change is possible with regular consumption.
• Improve Energy Levels and Physical Performance: Nitrates have also been linked to mitochondrial efficiency. Consuming beet juice on a daily basis may help athletes increase their oxygen use, improve performance and boost endurance.
• Prevent Cognitive Decline: Nitrates once again come into play here by increasing the dilation of blood vessels and promoting blood flow to the brain, especially the frontal lobe, which controls memory and decision-making.
• Cleanse the Liver: Beets contain an amino acid called betaine that may assist in reducing the amount of fat that accumulates in the liver, improving function and helping the liver stay a healthy size.
• Support Detoxification: As toxins build up, our bodies have to work overtime to clear the debris and accomplish routine tasks. Betalain from beets has been shown to trigger the phase of detox that neutralizes and disposes of those toxins.

My favorite part is that they juice the veggies and then make the powder so it’s twice as strong and its organic!

The colors definitely  inspired me and made me a little extra creative and I made this Coconut Chia pudding with the beet powder!!

I think i’ll try to make pasta with the carrot powder next!


If you want to check out their other selections too you can click HERE

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