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Conure Life – Water Enhancer 

I’m trying to develop a habit to drink one cup of water every morning when I wake up to get things moving and start off my day hydrated. I’ve always been the type of person that knows how important it is to drink water but I forget or don’t drink enough! So, sometimes i’ll make tea or squeeze some lime to give my water taste but then I found this! Its a water enhancer made from super foods! So, at the same time you’re making your water taste better, you’re also loading your body up with nutrients. I love using this to get myself to consume my water and I love all the benefits it has.

This blend specifically, is made of ashwaganda and lime. Ashwaganda has a variety of healing properties, its actually considered an ancient medicinal herb. It helps reduce inflammation in the body, reduce blood sugar levels, prevent and heal cancer, helps reduce stress and anxiety, stimulates brain power, stimulate thyroid function and more! And lime is great to help your body be more alkaline, detoxify your body of toxins and impurities, promotes healthy skin, a great source of vitamin C and boosts you immunity! So can you imagine getting all of this and MORE in just one glass of water sprinkled with healing magic? it’s pretty cool. You can can check out this blend or their other blends in the Conure Life website : CLICK HERE


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