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Immunity Boosting : Thai- Chaga Soup

I created this recipe by throwing in a pot everything my body was craving when I started to feel sick: curry, coconut milk, ginger, chug mushroom tea.. AND I was too surprised with how amazing the taste turned out + how much better it made me feel.

So this is how I got over the start of a cold in 1 day!

I woke up with a sore throat, headache, heavy head and feeling a little congested and lethargic. I had so many things planed for the days coming though feeling sick and staying in bed wasn’t one of them! So I decided to dedicate to flushing and healing my body before the symtoms got worse. And let me tell you, after having this soup and  nourishing my body I was feeling like a new me!



  • 2-3 pieces of dried chaga mushroom
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 2 table spoons of red curry paste
  • 1/2 cup of cut up broccoli
  • 1/2 cup of Cut up zucchini
  • 1/4 cup of mushroom
  • 2 cup of rice noodles
  • 3 bock Choy leaves
  • In a pan mix on medium -high
  • 2 inches of ginger
  • 1 Table spoon of peanut oil

For topping:

  • peanuts
  • bean sprouts
  • lime/lemons
  • mint


  1. Start by putting 2 cups of water in a pot and boiling with the chaga mushroom pieces to make chaga tea.
  2. Once that’s heating up, cut up all your veggies, as big or as small as you’d like them in your soup.RNI-Films-IMG-5EBA8069-2212-44A0-8CB9-F1BDCA613A55.JPG
  3. Add your table spoon on peanut oil with your table spoons of red curry paste and your ginger cut up  to a pot. Turn it on medium high and let them cook together for 5 minutes
  4. Next, add one cup of coconut milk and 2 cups of chaga tea to the mixture and boil for 5 minutes.
  5. Turn the heat to medium-low and  all your veggies and rice noodles. Let it simmer together for 4 minutes.
  6. add salt and pepper to taste
  7. Serve and add a hand full of bean sprouts, Mint and Peanuts ( also if you have cilantro!)


Now you have a nice looking bowl sure to warm you up and help speed up the healing process!

A little about Chaga:

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Fuji FP 100C v.2'

The reason why I decided to infuse this soup with chaga tea is because The chaga is the secret ingredient! It’s known as the king of mushrooms and a huge superfood.

  • it boosts the immunity system
  • reduces inflamation
  • prevents and fights cancer cells
  • reduces stress
  • lowers cholesterol
  • 200+ phytonutrients
  • its adaptogenic, helping your body regulate stress
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • protects DNA

The list goes on but I think we all get it right? The main thing I’ve felt is a huge boost in my immunity Every time I drink the tea or cook with it.

I hope this was helpful and that you enjoy your soup bowl! Let me know if you try out this recipe.

Learning & Growing,


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