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Carla Marie – Side Hustlers Podcast

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I’m so excited to share with you this interview with Carla Marie. I thought I did A LOT until I followed her on Instagram and realized her days start at 3:30 a.m and doesn’t end until around 4. p.m! This really goes to show that when you do something you love you have all the energy in the world to keep going and  from talking to Carla Marie, her passion really does shine through her words and her work. It’s so inspirational to see how she has unapolligetically  followed her dream from the start and to see where all the time and energy has lead her! I’m so happy to have connected with her and to learn and actually be part of her podcast Side Hustlers. Also, crazy enough how connections work, Tatum from This Is Mag… one of our other Women Who Radiate featured here is the one who made this connection  between me and Carla Marie! How cool is that?

In this interview we dive a little into her life, what it is life having a podcast and she shares with us some advice and insight she’s learned on her own journey!


HI! I’m Carla Marie (yes, that’s my first name!) I’ve lived in Seattle, WA for the last three years but was born and raised in New Jersey! I’m the host of Carla Marie & Anthony, a morning show on iHeartRadio’s 106.1 in Seattle. I am obsessed with traveling to new places and sharing my experiences online and on air. I’m always coming up with new ideas for people to meet and work together. I have two cats who run my life and I hated cats before I met them!

What’s it like working on radio? How did you start and what are you currently doing now?

Working in radio is pretty crazy. I live my life being under two microscopes. One used by the public and one used by bosses. Yes, you’re constantly being critiqued but if you’re happy and confident with who you are, none of it matters. (Well, unless you’re doing something awful and your bosses need to correct you! Ha!) My favorite part about my job is connecting on a personal level with the people who listen everyday. If I’m going through something that someone can relate to and me sharing my story helps them, then I’ve succeeded.
As a kid, I loved listening to my local morning show, they were the reason I wanted to work in radio. Fast forward more than a decade and I landed an internship with that very show! I was then hired full time to work for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show which is now the biggest show in the history of radio and can be heard nationally! During my time at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show I started a podcast, MyDayFriday, with my friend and co-worker, Anthony. Because of our podcast we got offered to host our own morning show so we moved across the country and followed our dreams! It’s been a wild ride!

There’s, a lot you’re doing currently on the radio world, BUT one of the newest things you’ve created has been the Side Hustlers Podcast. Can you tell us a little a about what inspired you to create it?

My Side Hustlers podcast has officially turned into my very own side hustle! I talk to people who are following their passion outside of their day job or people who have turned their side hustle into their full time hustle! I knew I wanted to create my own podcast but I was having a hard time figuring out where I wanted to go with the topic. Originally I wanted to take to people who were InstaFamous and learn how and why they got their followers. Then I realized that would get boring and repetitive. I remembered what one of my fellow iHeartRadio co-workers, Bobby Bones, once said to me. “What’s your side hustle? You have to figure that out. Everyone has a side hustle.” At the time I panicked, because I didn’t. I started noticing everyone around me did. I decided to do a podcast showcasing these people who have side hustles! My first guest was my friend Tatum, who created the digital magazine, This Is! She’s the one who connected us and because of my podcast I’ve been able to connect and meet so many incredible people. It’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

What is the mission behind the Side Hustlers Podcast?

The mission behind the podcast is to encourage and motivate through hearing the stories of how people succeeded. We learn about their failures, their insecurities with follow their side hustle, and so much more. I don’t necessarily think everyone has to have a side hustle BUT this podcast gives people that last push into starting something they’ve been putting off. It can be anything from launching you’re own business to deciding to get into a workout routine. Through the stories of the Side Hustlers on my podcast I’ve learned “If he/she can do all of THAT then I can at least do this…” and that’s the vibe I want to put out there. I also love that people listening can help support these small business or small businesses turned big businesses!

Did fear and limiting thoughts come up at all? If so, how did you deal with them?
I didn’t really fear anything when starting the podcast other than “how the heck am I going to add one more thing to my plate?”

When it comes to time management, what’s something you do that helps keep you on track?
Time management is my biggest weakness. I seriously haven’t been able to crack this code just yet and it drives me crazy. Anytime I’m doing something to stay ahead a wrench gets thrown into the plans. For example, I could schedule podcast guests weeks in advance and then something with work comes up where I’ve got to block out every afternoon for a week. My job almost makes it impossible to have any sort of time management but I’m doing my best to make it happen. I’ve got lists and reminders for everything but it doesn’t cut it. My latest podcast guest told me about the Asana app which is supposed to help organize projects, so I’m hoping this is the magic I’ve been missing. I will say that I’m slowly learning the power of “no”. The best advice I have been given and give out is to say “yes” to everything but I’m at a point in my life and career where I need to be picky with the projects I choose to be a part of otherwise some of my other projects may suffer.

We’ve talked a little about this, when starting any creative project, there is always going to be some type of investment whether it is time, energy money… When starting a podcast, what is an investment you had to consider?

Time and energy were and still are the biggest things I’ve to put into my podcast. Time is the most valuable thing we have, more than money. Without time you can’t earn money! Everyone asks me where I get my energy and I honestly don’t know. I do know that if I slow down, I crash, so most of my days start at 3:30am and are jam packed until 4pm. Podcast days are tough because I do a morning show, then my post show podcast for our morning show, and then at some point in the day I need to sit down and do my Side Hustlers podcast. It’s a lot of being “on” as I refer to it often. Meaning, I’m talking/focusing/entertaining. A few months after I started my podcast I decided to hire someone else to edit the podcast and that is where I first starting spending money but it’s so worth it. I was afraid that if I had to record and edit the podcast every week it was going to get old to me and I was going to get burnt out. It’s been one of the best investments because it also saves me time!

I love the jingle you added to the beginning of your episodes! It’s a great way to build your identity, how did you come up with it ?

Ha! I love the intro to my podcast too. It was created by a former co-worker (and podcast guest) Ronnie Scalzo. He works on audio projects like that for radio so I knew I had to go to him. I recorded two episodes of the podcast first, then took some clips of me in the podcast, I sent those to him as well as a few songs that said “hustler” and let him run with it!

What’s one thing you do to help balance out work and fun in your day to day life?

While there are a lot of non-fun things I have to do for work…work IS play for me. Whether it’s traveling for social media projects, going to concerts, or hopping in a helicopter to bring attention to our newest on air contest…it’s fun stuff. However, I’ve recently been doing my best to block out some “me” time. Whether that’s siting home with my cats and watching Netflix or going to dinner with my friends I’ve been doing my best to make sure I’m putting these things as a top priority for my mental health.

It’s always great having goals for our projects and I know you have a few for Side Hustlers! What’s one goal you can share with us?

My goal for Side Hustlers is to create a seminar where my almost comes to life. A full day of inspiration and ideas curated by the the people who have been on my podcast and people who are hustlers in their industry to come together and speak on panels to an audience of WHOEVER WANTS TO COME! (YESS, this is amazing!) know there are so many questions people have while listening to my podcast and they can finally meet these people face to face. You won’t have to be a side hustler to attend, just someone who loves being surrounded by people with passion and great ideas who support other people’s passions and great ideas! I also want to do a live podcast completely separate (or not) from this seminar!

I know a lot of women and girls who LOVE listening to podcasts and might think of creating one in the future, what advice can you share with them that you’ve learned from your experience?

There is nothing that drives me crazier than inconsistency. We’ve also had plenty of research done in the podcast world and if you decide to do a weekly podcast but only post once a month people won’t take you seriously. Know that a podcast is A LOT of work and doing it weekly is A LOT of work. If you do it properly it should be like your child where you nurture and care for it all the time. It’s also important to come up with a game plan; will it only be you? Will you have guests? WHY do people want to listen? How long will it be? I also recommend recording a few people you post the first one!

You can hear Side Hustlers on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts! Feel free to Tweet me, Follow Me, Like Me, do all the things you do @theCarlaMarie haha! If you have a side hustle or know someone who has a side hustle you can email me thecarlamarie@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as I schedule out my guests!

You can also hear Alana’s episode here, she’s pretty incredible!

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Hope this interview was inspiring to you as much as it was to me! Make sure to tune in every Monday to the Side Hustlers Podcast! 


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