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Balancing out Hormones with Plants

Hi girls!
Lets talk about hormones.
No matter what phase of life we are in, whether we just got our period, are trying to conceive ( or not) or we’re nearing menopause, hormones play a big role in our lives .
Balancing out our hormones can benefit us in many different ways, not limited to, but including: 
  • Clear up acne
  • less cramps
  • less mood swings
  • enhanced mood ( bye bye depression)
  • sheds excess weight
  • regulates menstruation
  • increases fertility
  • eases menopause symptoms
  • decreases ovary cysts
  • promotes healthy uterus lining
Ok, the list keeps going and it gets pretty specific. The big point is, when our hormones are all over the place we can feel pretty bad and not even know it. +  a prolonged imbalance can lead to serious health problems.
The good news is we don’t have to wait to have a major issue or live years of our lives feeling sad to realize there was something we should’ve done. Regulating hormones can be pretty simple and harmless, all it takes is a few habits and plants to help us out  and we can be our own healers!
Hormones can be thrown off for a variety of reasons including 
  • diet
  • stress
  • sleep
  • birth control
  • thyroid issues
  • genetics
  • toxins
  • pesticides
I might have shared this before, but I had problems with estrogen. I was taking loads of estrogen when I was on birth control and developed ovary cysts, breast cysts, my uterus lining became thicker and I was getting cystic acne on my chin. Trust me it sucked.
When I got off the pill I decided to try to balance out my hormones and my cycles and these plants did wonders for my body:
Vitex ( supplement pill)
I take this as a morning vitamin. What it does is it supports the pituitary gland to produce progesterone and luteinizine hormone. These are necessary for menstrual cycles and ovulation and reduces PMS. Because Vitex supports the pituitary gland it helps balance out all other hormones, since the pituitary gland communicates to the ovaries how much hormones to take. Vitex helps enhance the job. Its known for being used to increase fertility and resolve hormone imbalances. Especially if you are estrogen dominant like me, Vitex is wonderful!
Foti Root (supplement pill) 
I take this with the Vitex. It promotes general endocrine system balance which  can balance out hormones. It is also considered a sexual health tonic. Its a gentel aphrodisiac. It also helps support and protect the liver and the liver is in charge of proper hormone production.
Maca (powder ) 
I took this in the form of powder but you can take supplement as well. The best way to describe it is it almost tastes like vanilla, so adding a teaspoon to a juice in the morning was perfect! Maca balances hormones, energizes, improves mental clarity, enhances sexual stamina. It’s a superfood. So while it does the job it also has amazing benefits!
The Chinese herbalists in China town taught me that astragalus is an adaptogenic herb. That means that it helps the body maintain hormonal balance by making it adaptive to stress one of the main causes of hormones imbalances.
Aside from these, after consulting with many different chinese medicine practitioners I learned about their belief that the reproductive systems are associated with the liver.
So I decided to detox my liver in a very gentle way by drinking Dandelion Tea every night. I found this really helped with my cycle and cramps and dandelion tea can also help the digestive system.
Essential oils for balancing hormones are those used in my HARMONY WITHIN blend and you can read all about them on the product description! 
I hope these help. They’re are safe to use and easy to incorporate on a daily life. While all these are great to use, all natural alternative that can help bring balance back,
Having a healthy lifestyle is key for hormonal balance.
Let me know if you’ve tried anything else or your experiences with these plants! 

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