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Taryn Bond -Flows With T: Living My Yoga

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy Taryn’s beautiful words of inspiration and advice. I’m so happy to have her be our first women to inspire in this page! <3 Taryn is one of the sweetest people i’ve met here in Hawaii. She is all that she projects to be and more, what I admire most about her is the magical way she chooses to live life, flowing at her own rhythms and creating her life out of her passion and desires. This is what this page is all about, Inspiring other women to follow their authentic dreams and truly believe in themselves. It takes courage to let go of limiting thoughts and committing to yourself! So cheers for breaking through your own shell, lets grow, create and heal together! Comment your thoughts and personal reflections bellow <3

I introduce you to Taryn,


My name is Taryn Bond and I am a yoga teacher and student living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am the creator of ‘Flows with T’, and my passion in life is to bring the word, light, and radiance of the yogic path to students far and wide.

Since I began practicing yoga regularly at age 13, yoga has brought me pure joy. I’ve found the place inside of me that is peaceful, light, and full of unconditional happiness and love. Yoga has led me deeper into my other great passion, traveling, and with yoga I have been fortunate enough to travel to many beautiful places and experience new cultures, languages, and different paths of living… all of which have ultimately strengthened my belief that we are all, truly, ONE.

How did you start and what were your thoughts in the process? How did you gain the confidence and motivation to  move forward?

Throughout high school, I struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and a negative self-image. I used to think that that was just “the way I was” and that my difficulties would be with me for my entire life. When I started practicing yoga, I came to a place within myself – a place that every human being on this Earth possesses – that is nothing but pure love. I was able to overcome my mental and emotional struggles by deepening my practice. I came to see myself as more than ‘what I looked like’ or ‘who I was’ in the opinion of myself and others. Now, I live life seeing the divinity in myself and in every other being on the planet. I lead with love, and in doing so, love is what has come back to me in spades. Yoga brought me to the real me. Yoga brought me home.

A few months ago, I decided to take the passion inside of my heart, the experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained, and all of my resources – both internal and external – (meditations, journals, ancient texts, mantras, etc.) and curate a program where I could share this road back home with anyone who is ready to carve their own path.

I recently launched a month-long, 100%-online, private yoga mentorship program, where I work one-on-one with students from anywhere on the globe to help them carve the most direct, simple, and blissful path into their own yoga practice. Like many others, I began yoga with the idea that it was all “pretty poses”, but in studying and practicing, I came to realize that that is just ONE aspect of yoga (literally, ‘Asana’ is only one of 8 limbs of yoga!). Yoga in itself a thousand-petalled lotus flower!

I’m also working on creating a variety of content on various yogic topics with a similar approach on my YouTube account, ‘Flows with T’.

My goal is to share the yogic lifestyle with my students by presenting it in a holistic, easy-going, fun way. My aim is to surpass all the stigmas around yoga (like, “it’s just for moms” or “It’s people wearing all white sitting still in some temple on the other side of the globe”…) and help my students integrate yoga into THEIR lifestyle – not the other way around! My message is simple: “Live Your Yoga”!

Tips on how you keep a positive outlook and mindset when things get complicated? 

It has been tricky at times, but with each “bump in the road” I gain a new learning experience and a new way to relate to different people. Every time I slip-up or hesitate, I know myself a little better. This underlying mindset has kept me motivated and persevering in sharing what I love. Knowing that I am helping people find the joy in their hearts is enough of a reason to continue, no matter what. This is bigger than me!

Did any fears arise or still arise in the process? How do you deal with them? 

When things get tricky, I come back to my “Why”. Coming back to my big-picture reason for pursing the things that I do always helps me find my center and relax.

This is a great strategy for staying firm and grounded in what you live for.

Ask yourself:

Why are you doing this in the first place? Why are you pursuing this? Why do you want to learn? Why is this feeding your heart and soul?

I’ve noticed that once I found and internalized my “Why”, I began to embody that feeling. You become the reason. Finally, the bumps in the road look like tiny hiccups on the journey to become your highest self!

When creating anything new and sharing it with the world around you, there will be a certain degree of vulnerability, what does that feel like to you? 

In the spirit of vulnerability, I must share that I still find that the self-doubting voice in my head (the “monkey mind”!) comes out sometimes. If I’m not careful, sometimes I begin to wonder if I’m “good enough” or if I can “really do this”.

This feeling especially surfaces when I share something that I’ve been working on for a long time. The more work I put in, the more that self-doubting voice may try to make itself known.

Taking a deep breath, finding a moment of stillness, and coming back to my purpose and “zooming out” to the big picture, that I want to share love with others and I have a meaningful way of doing so, always helps me come back to center. Taking a moment away from the buzz of the world and meditating is also very helpful.

Surrounding myself with other loving and inspired individuals helps, too!

What are tips for someone who has a desire of creating something or spreading their wings and doing what make them feel happy but feels limited/ restricted by money/ family views and age?

If you have a desire to create and share something that you love, but you fear having or do have people in your life telling you that your idea is “silly”, that you don’t have the resources that you need, that you are too young… congratulations! You are on the right path.

No ground-breaking creation has ever come without nay-sayers. No world-changing idea has ever “worked out the first time”. Every amazing person has had – and still has, to this day – critics. If everyone everywhere loves your idea, thinks its amazing, and supports you 100%, then it isn’t truly something born out of your heart in the first place. You’re the only You – they don’t have to get it!

With critics come lessons. With inner-doubt comes the strength that you need (and already possess!) to break those chains. When you are able to see it through without allowing any of the messy little tidbits about what you “can” and “cannot” do to derail you from what your heart wants, then you will have truly embodied what it means to “spread your wings”. Then you will be leading with your heart. Then, you will finally be… You. The true you!

How has intuition played a role in your journey? 

Intuition is everything!

The “gut feeling” that you hear about is a real thing – some modern scientists are actually discovering neurons in the stomach and intestines that are similar to the ones in your brain! Does that mean that your gut is conscious…? (Maybe!)

But what it does mean, is that some part of you, some little sliver of your subconscious self (or higher self), has peeked out and said, “this feels right”. That is what intuition is to me.

When you can quiet down the chatter of your daily thoughts, the voice inside will ring loud and clear. When I hear this voice, I listen to it – I hear what it has to say, and do everything in my power to find a way to incorporate this into the life that I am currently living. Lead with your “gut”. Lead with your heart. Manifest this with every part of you.

How do you hold yourself accountable? 

Accountability comes into play after the realization of who you are and what you want. This is often the trickiest part! This is when you turn your hopes and dreams into GOALS, and then, through daily action, you materialize those goals right before your very eyes!

Though it sounds easier said than done, I hold myself accountable by coming up with a solid PLAN for my dreams. I don’t let a day go by where I’m not working, in some way, towards being a better ‘me’.

I hold myself accountable by treating my dreams the same way I treat my school work. The same way I value calling my family members, doing my laundry or dishes, or watering my plants. I treat my dreams as though they are a part of me, and naturally, they fit themselves into my daily life as if they were any other daily task that I complete without a second thought. If my dream’s “to-do” hasn’t been done that day, I’m not done that day. What else is there to do? When can’t you make time for yourself?

It’s always there. We just need to take ourselves seriously – it’s not silly, it’s divine. Like taking a breath of fresh air or a sip of water, our hopes and dreams are a part of our existence.

Don’t let your dreams take a back burner – you’re worth it!

What is an advice you’d give another woman who is ready to create her authentic life? 

An dream-achieving exercise (that works for me!):

Start by writing down your wildest dreams. Then, narrow it down to one, the one dream that if you were to accomplish, you would feel as though you’ve fulfilled your life’s purpose.

Then, write that goal down on a piece of paper. Break it down – what do you need to accomplish in the next five years to get there? How about one year? How about a month?

Keep narrowing it down from there, methodically breaking it into smaller, more “do-able” goals. Once you have goals for the month ahead, write down what you need to do on a weekly and daily basis to make it there by the end of your month. Then… write it in your planner. Schedule it in. Put it at the top of your to-do list. Where attention goes, energy flows – if you want this, you must live it!

If you’re ready to create your authentic life and start living in your light, the time is now. My best advice to you would be to approach everything with love. Be courageous!

To me, courage doesn’t mean a lack of fear – it means going for it, throwing yourself into the place that your heart seeks, full force – in the face of lingering fears or doubts! When in your life has something amazing ever occurred that did not have a few shades of underlying apprehension, doubt, or hesitation mixed in at first?

My dad taught me that when making a difficult life decision, to always ask myself this question:

“Am I making this choice out of fear, or out of love?”

That is the question that got me to sign up for my first (and second!) yoga teacher training. That is the question that led me to pick myself up and move to Hawaii, despite the “unknowns” and the opinions of others. Leading with love has led me to where I am now, writing to you about living your truth! This is how I live my yoga.

All of the answers are within you.

It’s ABSOLUTELY time to show the world what you have to share!

More about my offerings:

My mentorship program, laid out in module-format, is fitted to each individual student. With 11 topics to choose from (and counting!), I cover topics like the ones I’ve written about above (there is actually a module called, “Living Your Yoga: Yoga Sutras in Action”), and many more, ranging from “Chakras 101”, “Intro to Ayurveda”, “Beginning a Yoga Practice”, “Journaling Daily (for Self-Discovery)”, “Meditation”, and more. To learn more, click here.

I also have a collection of videos about different yogic topics and how they relate to everyday life, where I discuss topics like “15 Similarities Between Yoga and Veganism” or “This is My Yoga Story”. To see more, click here.

I love to meet new people and hear other being’s stories. I’d love to hear what makes you happy. I’d love to hear what you love.

For questions, comments, etc., email tarynbond99@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading. May your light shine bright, each and every day.


Love Always,


Website: www.flowswitht.com

Mentorship Program: www.flowswitht.com/yoga-mentorship

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFg0faiPYsSbIvR4l_-U7pw

IG: www.instagram.com/tarynleighh

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