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Plants and Herbs for Menstrual Cycles

Hello friends! Let talk about our nature and bringing balance to our cycles.

First, let’s take a second to admire our nature and all our body is capable of.  Every single month, our body prepares itself for pregnancy and then sheds all its hard work in a matter of a week. If we are in tune or not with the process, its safe to say we go through a lot of changes over the month and then next month, once again. Some of these changes can go unnoticed but some can make the best days the worst. If you go through mood swings, cramps, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, bloating, acne, swelling, water retention, stress, weight gain, weight loss.. These are all symptoms that can be related to our cycles.

It’s so normal though to experience these symptoms because every other girl you know goes through them too right? Well, what I learned surprisingly is that we don’t have to experience these symptoms, they are usually a sign of an imbalance. Aside from that there are also the missed periods, long periods, heavy periods, uneven cycles, that can bring our lives much more stress than it should!

So what causes these imbalances?

Most of the times its our hormone levels, our diet and of course our mental and physical health too.

When I’d go to the gynecologist the magical pill would always be birth-control… Until I realized doctors now a days get paid to prescribe medication and the negative side effects it was leading me to. I wanted to get off of the pill but I was scared I was going to experience withdrawals from it. Then one day, I went to my doctor and she asked me how I was feeling and I said I was a little stressed with school so she offered me a Xanax… Something was definitely wrong.

I went off the pill and I felt better than ever! Whenever I feel imbalanced I resort to a couple herbs and plant food and things go back to normal. This is coming from the girl who developed breast cysts and ovary cysts from birth control and no longer feels the pain of either ( working my way to naturally eliminate both)

If you are feeling an imbalance and if your cycles are a little funky here are some plants and herbs that can help solve your problem naturally:

For uneven cycles:

Vitex – This herbal supplement helps regulate hormones naturally also helps normalize ovulation and helps regulate cycles, take once a day for 3 month to help regulate cycles

Maca- You can blend in smoothie or juice in form of powder, this root gives you a natural energy boost while helping to regulate your hormones.

Dong-quai- Helps bring harmony to cycles by nourishing blood

For heavy bleeding:

Ginseng – Great to minimize heavy bleeding

Lady’s Mantle – Helps regulate cycles and also prevent heavy bleeding

Cinnamon Bark- reduces menstrual flow and relieves uterine cramping.

For PMS:

Dandelion tea – Helps detox the liver and flux out toxins and reduce bloating.

Raspberry leaf tea- helps to relieve discomfort associated with menstrual cycles by bringing comfort to the pelvic area and nourishing the blood.

Valerian root- reduces pain, stress and distress helping with period cramps and headaches.

For missed  or late periods:

Hot Ginger tea– Ginger promotes uterine contractions and helps a late or missed period arrive. Drink about two cups.

Parsley tea – Boil water and let parsley soak for 2-5 minutes

For menstrual cramps and helps to relax the cervix.

Other great things to include on a period diet is magnesium, iron and calcium 🙂

Hope this helps you as much as its helped me!

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