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Healing with Self Love

I used to think of the term ‘self love’ in a negative way. The meaning behind it wouldn’t touch my soul until I become one with its core meaning.

Self love to me used to be superficial. Growing up, I would hear other little girls use it  when they were talking about someone who cared a lot about their physical appearance and self image, and they would say  “ Oh, she loves herself too much” .

Insecurities and flaws made me feel unworthy of self love and lead me to this unconscious denial and lack of appreciation of self.  Always trying to prove to myself and others that I was worth it. I had to be, it was the least I could be.

I focused on everything that was external, my environment, the people around me, the things I wanted to achieve, without ever focusing and questioning myself internally. I had never explored my truth or fallen in love with my vessel. I was happy to be alive  but little I knew that I could feel so much more in the same body.

It wasn’t until one year ago that I found the meaning of self love.

My quick story ( skip to bottom to see ways you can practice self love)

I moved. I came to Hawaii from Miami, I started a new life. I loved my life. I loved the people, the place, I loved everything about it but I couldn’t ignore the creeping feeling that something was missing. When I would talk to people about this feeling , they would say it was probably me missing my old home and my old life. Something told  me it wasn’t that.

Then my friend/sister Lauren told me about this healer/medium she had gone to and convinced me he’d be a good person to connect with. I journeyed out to see him and with hope that he would answer my deep question of what was missing in my life, when I asked him he said “ Time spent alone”.

What? That was it? I was a little confused and frustrated at first because he didn’t give me a solid answer; however, now I understand exactly why he meant.

I did as he recommended and started making time for myself. I read, I meditated, I journaled my thoughts and feelings and little by little I started getting to know myself in ways I never knew I could. CLARITY. Everything made sense, I felt my urge to follow my life path by exploring natural healing, I became aware of how magical my body was and I felt the want and the need to take care of it starting with my thoughts and helping those healing thoughts manifest into my physical body. I cleansed my body by stopping my birth control pills that didn’t feel natural, eating food that felt healing and doing things that made me happy. I distanced myself from people that made me feel stuck and realized as hard as it was for me to say no sometimes, I had to in order to take care of my energy. I’ve always felt like part of my mission here is to help others shine but I couldn’t help others until I helped myself.

I realized that taking care of my mind and body wasn’t possible without self love. With self love, I was able to love others more deeply as well. It felt like a fountain of compassion that flowed endlessly from my core.

I realized that all I needed was time to explore myself. It’s easy to become distant from our true self in today’s society and so I think it is essential we practice it daily, to ensure we cultivate this feeling and relationship

Ways to practice self love:

  • Eating intuitively, whatever you feel like your body needs in the moment without judgement
  • Being active by doing something you enjoy
  • Journaling! Write down your thoughts your ideas it helps bring clarity to a foggy brain
  • Meditating
  • Lighting up candles
  • Taking a nice bath
  • Making a priority to get enough rest
  • Setting reasonable daily goals
  • Becoming aware of your potential
  • Find your creative escape and let your thoughts and creativity flow ( one of my favorites)
  • Organizing your space
  • Moisturize your body
  • Sage your house
  • Use this daily affirmation “ I am magical, my authenticity shines”
  • Fill your space with plants!

These are just some things out of many other options you can choose from!

If you still haven’t found that feeling within you, I am here to tell you don’t worry it’s within YOU so you are as close to it as you could be, all you have to do it connect yourself to it. Explore it my doing the little things that feel good. Don’t look outside because trust me, our universe within is much greater <3  My last advice is to let go of the negative thoughts about yourself, take a moment to accept yourself as you are, realize how special you are and shine from within. Our outside is temporary either way <3

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