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Vegan Falafel Recipe

Is anyone else tired of ordering vegan food when you go out to eat and it just taste bland? Luckily i’ve found a couple good spots around where I live that serve really good plant based plates but it makes me think, no wonder some people think going vegan would be so hard..

The reality is, there’s actually an endless list of recipes and spices to play around with to make plant based foods taste delicious and authentic.  I’m on a journey to discover as many of these easy recipes as I can starting now!  The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in the kitchen to explore and create, because in the end of the day recipes and cooking is art too right?

Sorry for all the words but all these thoughts and feelings have led me to this! Vegan Falafels <3

After playing around, these Falafels turned out amazing! You can eat them alone, with dip or with a salad, legumes, as a sandwich, honestly they pair well with anything and thats the best part!

So here is  what you need: 

1 can of garbanzo beans ( you can substitute for any bean)

Half red onion

2 large collard green leaf  ( you can use spinach, or any other leafy green)

2 cloves of garlic

almond meal ( or bread crumbs)

Cumin powder

dried cilantro


Black pepper

Walnuts ( optional)

Peanut oil ( or oil with high boiling point)

Rice flour ( any flour works!)


Very flexible ingredients right? 


So here is how it goes:



In a food processor, blend onions, greens, garlic and a little bit of cumin powder.

IMG_1246Add the garbanzo beans, the walnuts if you wish and the dried cilantro, salt and pepper to taste.

IMG_1248Pulse until the beans are broken but some are still whole. Try to avoid blending to much and creating a paste. You’ll like it better chunky 🙂

Place mixture in a bowl and mix with flour until it has absorbed most of the water. 1/2 a cup should do it! Place in the freezer for 15 minutes.

IMG_1257Where the mixture feels a little thicker and more composed, with your hands, make small circular shapes and coat it all around with almond meal or bread crumbs. IMG_1266Coat a pan with oil of choice and turn the stove up to high. Flip the falafels as they become golden brown!

IMG_1271The results are these  delicious pieces that can be paired up with just about anything!


I chose to enjoy them with what I found in the kitchen! Flat bread, salad and avocado- lime -cilantro sauce!

Have fun with the ingredients, and let me know if you try them!

Also would love any vegan recipe recommendations I should try with my new food processor. I’ve made this, hummer and basil sauce but thats about it! 

Learning & Growing,


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