Mindful Poetry

How do you express yourself? You know, those deep feelings?  The ones that might be hard to put into words?

I love to talk but for some reason its easier for me to express myself through writing than by actually talking.  I realized poetry is an art and even easier way for me to express my feelings that really are just hard to explain..

Maybe the act of creativity in itself is a means of releasing tension inside and allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow? Do you feel this with drawing, music or maybe even building stuff?

I find this flow usually through poetry. I thought i’d share some of my recent ones  🙂


Breathing deeply life,

I exhale fear.

For limitations are not welcomed.

Only love belongs here.

Ancestry walls are broken down.

I stand tall on my sacred ground.

Clarity holds my hand.

Vulnerability is my new friend.

I find answers in my dream.

The path is not always what it seems.

Its the beauty of embracing physical form.

Making your own trail.

Diverting from the norm. <3


Love Trade 

It comes abundantly,

into my presence.

the essence of love,

the grounding of clarity.

My dreams, they become,

my present reality,

For what I think,

I create.

The power of allowing,

the beauty of giving.

Its a love trade,

a true way of living <3



They carry the world  by their roots,

purify our every inhale.

In them we find the source of life.

A universe of healing.

Stardust in primary form.

The givers, producers and healers.

In this relationship we are merely receivers.

Dependence. Vulnerability.

The most humbling feelings.

As a user, a consumer, a being in the need of more.

I find love and respect for that,

That grows from the ground.

The Earth floor. <3


Do you have any specific form of art you use for self expression?

Share your thoughts and comments below <3


Learning & Growing,

Alana Lima

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