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20 Super Plants – Preventive Care – Self Healing

Lately i’ve been  learning a lot more about super foods. About their properties and how we can use them as a convenient way of  healing ourselves and maintaining a healthy life.  From my studies i’ve put a list of 20 incredibly healing superfoods that I’m incorporating to my diet and that now you can too 🙂


The idea is : Get on the top 20 super foods to build an immunological host defense. Prevention is the best way to ensure a healthy life free of complications.


I have a cool tip I learned on one of my courses I wanted to share too. So, when we juice our veggies and supplements, the nutrients make their way to our blood system in a matter of 20 minutes with a 90% absorption rate. However, when we chew our foods, a healthy digestive system absorbs only  about 40% of the food ingested. So a a great way to be able to absorb the nutrients from these super foods right away would be to simply blend and drink. Buying  some of them in organic powder will help you get that effect for juicing.


Also, personally I try to incorporate many of the  Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs into my eating lifestyle, and one thing they advice is :

drinking your juice at room temperature and at most 30 minutes after juicing to be able to absorb all the nutrients.. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

Some good bases to blend your juice with if using a blender:

  • Organic coconut water
  • Water
  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk
  • Herbal tea

OK, sorry. Let’s get to the 20 super plants!! :


  • Chlorella – Number one superfood. 40% higher than wheat grass in chlorophyll. Detoxifies heavy metals, detoxifies radiation and chemotherapy, supports your immune system, fights cancer. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. Promotes weight loss.
  • Goji Berries – Their strongly known for their anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. They can be used as well for supporting reproductive and neurological health. Its very high in iron, riboflavin , selenium and vitamin C
  • Maca – Vigor vitality substance. It increased endurance, energy, fertility and libido. Also an aphrodisiac.  Maca powder can be beneficial in protecting from osteoporosis, helps reduce blood pressure and cognitive function.
  • Acai Berry– Reduces risk of unhealthy apoptosis. Helps prevent cancer. Useful in treating skin conditions. Boosts mental function and sharpness of mind. Aids in weight loss. Rich in antioxidant. Improves digestion. Great detox agent.


  • Aloe vera – Supports immune system, hydrates the skin, prevents kidney stones, soothes arthritis pain, protects the body from stress, prevents and treats candida infections.
  • Hemp seeds – Not only are they packed with protein and amino acids but also are high in Omega-3, magnesium, zinc , phosphorus and iron.


  • Chaga Mushrooms – king of the medicinal mushrooms. Most powerful Radiation remover, cancer remover. Make tea out of it and blend with chlorella. Very powerful immunological substance. Very powerful immunological substance.
  • Reishi Mushroom – most well studied herb in the history of the world. high in polysaccharides and immune enhancing components. Highly adaptogenic. May help halt the formation of cancer cells and reduce symptoms of inflammatory disease.
  • Raw cacao beans – One of the highest antioxidant on the planet. It retains enzymatic and vitamin content. It’s a great source of magnesium, iron , manganese and fiber.  Number one longevity food known. Cuts risk of heart attack in half. Improves cardiovascular health, supports strong bones, increases longevity and enhances your mood.
  • Spirulina – Its the highest vegetarian source of complete protein. Spirulina is great at providing us with minerals, phytonutrients and trace elements. This can help support healthy cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and reduce blood pressure.
  • Camu camu berry : one of the highest sources of vitamin c in the planet. It is great source of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that decreases inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Lion’s mane – anti -parkinson , anti- biotic , anti cancer neuroprotective, fat and glucose lowering effects. This mushroom also protects against anxiety, stomach ulcers, cognitive function, depression and fatigue.
  • Ginseng Boost energy, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, treats diabetes.


  • Astragalus – nitrogen fixer. Top 3 herbs in the world. Powerful antioxidant. Boosts immune function. Strong anti-inflammatory. Super antiviral and antibacterial. Increases energy.
  • Ho shou wu – longevity , kidney, bone marrow , yin jing energy. adrenal power. Its an immune booster, helps constipation. It’s a reproductive tonic. Helps detox.
  • Ashwagandha – nerve growth factor , anti-cancer properties. Reduces cortisol levels. Helps reduce stress and anxiety. May reduce symptoms of depression. Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men. Reduces cortisol levels and blood sugar levels.
  • Shatavari – asparagus root. Benefits a healthy female reproductive system. Supports balanced hormones. Soothing effect on digestive tract.
  • Tulsi ( holy basil) Number one herb in ayurveda medicine. Helps fight cancer, balances hormones and lowers stress. Helps improve respiratory disorders. Good source of vitamin K.
  • Nettlesbone density, longevity, stimulates hair growth. Prevents and treats diarrhea. Treats disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract.
  • Passion flower – natural aromatase inhibitor ( good hormones in place longer ). Reduces anxiety, reduces inflammation, improves sleep. May reduce effects of menopause including hot flashes and depression.



Hope you guys enjoy these super plants 🙂 If you have any other great ones I should try, comment them below!




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