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Skin & Oral care – Natural Products

Hey You,

As I became more aware of the side affects of using chemically filled products, I opted out to go all natural. This was hard. There’s actually so many products out there in the market but not all of them are as useful as they claim..

As I tested many natural products, I’ve been able to run into a few that I make sure to always keep in my bathroom! Some of these have healed me, some have made me feel better, and some are just as useful as the the chemically filled big brand products except they have no negative side effects!


I love to use this as body lotion!  Long story short, last summer after a couple days surfing back to back from 12- 4 p.m. I became really tanned, Yes. But, my skin started itching.. It started with a couple raised bumps in my stomach area and then all of a sudden I had them in my arms, back, chest, neck.. It was the worst feeling ever. So I went to the dermatologist and after taking a quick glance at the spots she diagnosed me with Pityriasis Rosea. She told me it was a viral skin infection, that it wasn’t contagious, but that there was no cure. That I would have to wait about 3 months for my body to fight it off and that there was no way to control the spots from spreading all over my body.

All she could do for me was to offer a steroid cream for the itching. I left her office thinking ” No way am I just going to sit and wait”. So I did what most people do and whats probably not the best option but I looked up this condition on google images. I was horrified with the images I found, the sob stories of this lasting people over 5 years… It was insane.

I did some searching and I found this product above! People claimed they used it on their spots and that after 5 days they were healed. WHAT! This was too good to be true, but I had to try it. Once it arrived, my spots had spread even more… I used it twice a day. By day 5 it was all gone!! It’s got a bunch of healing ingredients including aloe, coconut oil , vitamin E and lavender. It smells great and I believe it can heal many different kind of skin problems too. Anytime something itches I rub a little on and it stops immediately. A big pro is that it smells SO good too! You can purchase PRREZE  — HERE

IMG_0743Recently I learned that the big brand toothpaste companies usually have toxic ingredients that we end up consuming a little of every time we brush our teeth! Check out the ingredients here . So I decided to go all natural and I ran into this toothpaste. Its got great ingredients, it tastes yummy, and it makes your breath feel super fresh!


This was one one of the first all Natural products I added to my life and I am soo happy with it! My skin was at its worst, I was suffering from hormonal cystic acne from the birth control pill I have now removed from my life and I even developed an abysses on my forehead that almost required SURGERY.. but then I ran into this and it completely saved me and made my skin better than ever! It’s an all Organic mud mask that you can use daily because  it is so gentle! I recommend using it just once a week. So instead of digging and and bringing everything bad out it actually penetrates inside your pores reduces inflammation and clears it all out at once. Although I don’t use this every day I do use the same brands Face Wash. Its all citrus based and smells and feels so fresh! i’ve recommended this product for many friends and they are all just as happy with it. You can purchase Maywood Creek Products — HERE


Deodorant! This was such a good find. I’m pretty sure it was random too. I found it in a grocery story and decided to give it a shot and i’m so happy with it! know some deodorants contain many toxins that can lead to breast cancer and so staying away from traditional chemically filled deodorants is great specially for women!

let me know what you think about these and comment below if you have any other natural products I should try!



9 thoughts on “Skin & Oral care – Natural Products”

  1. Hi Alana. I found you now! So nice to connect. I love everything you write about so I’m now following you. As a girl who always tries to go the holistic way before having to use any pharmaceuticals, it was nice to learn about your blog. 🙂

  2. I am excited to see your sight…we as a family are trying to live more a healthy lifestyle and what you are posting is just what we are looking for …. 🙂 do a lot of Essential Oils and herbal concoctions and am always looking for more! Yeah! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the follow Alana…I am loving what I have read so far as for as long as I can remember I have had an aversion to manufactured goods and chemicals…Toothpaste is one of the worst and talcum powder… I also use coconut oil for many purposes and look forward to reading more from you…Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Hi Carol! I really appreciate your thoughtful comment on my post 🙂 Coconut oil is just so good for everything, I always make sure to have some around the house! Do you have any other natural products you recommend? I’m always in the lookout for good natural stuff!

      1. I use lots of things Alana… herbs/oils depending on what I need them for…Where I live natural medicine is used quite a lot ..leaf poultices for stings etc..some I don’t know the English names for…I do a lot of research 🙂 Many of my posts will give you uses for different fruits and vegetables for healing and health I would say just have a look around some of them and see what you can get and use where you live 🙂 Hope that helps 🙂

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