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Vegan Party Rolls

Bite size <3

A simple and quick recipe that you can customize!

Here is what I usually use:

  1. Vegan gluten-free flat bread
  2. avocados
  3. sprouts
  4. purple cabbage
  5. tomatoes
  6. carrots
  7. salt
  8. pepper
  9. lime
  10. peanut sauce
  11. white chia seeds



  1. First smash the avocados on a bowl and add the juice of half a lime, salt and pepper to taste and mix
  2. lay out the flat bread and spread out your avocado mix throughly
  3. Cut out all the veggies except the sprout into small pieces
  4. on the flat bread add the veggies on top of the spread out avocado
  5. carefully roll the flat bread vertically keeping your hands closer to the edges
  6. once you have a long roll you can cut it to whatever thickness you wish. Keep in mind if you cut too thin its more likely for the filling to come out
  7. O a small bowl place the peanut sauce to make it easy for dipping and add some white chia seeds

In less than 10 minutes you’re done!Ā 

Healing properties of these ingredients:

  • Avocados- Anti- fungal, Anti-inflamtory, Anti-Cancer. Protects liver, more potassium than bananas, good for the skin and eyes.
  • Sprouts- Boosts brain Function, Helps reproductive health, Boosts immunity.
  • Purple cabbage- Part of the cruciferous vegetables its one of the best for preventing cancer. Protects against cognitive disorders and Alzhimers disease.
  • Tomatoes- Improves vision, Prevents heart disease, good for digestion.
  • Carrots- Improves Kidney function, anti0 bacterial and viral properties.Improves liver function. Improves skin.
  • Lime- Relieves congestion, good for eliminating toxins from the body, promotes high immune system.
  • White chia seeds – Improves energy level, omega-3, dietary fiber, good source of protein.


The options are endless of what you can put inside and they are great for any day, for kids, parties, work days.. Let me know how you like them! I think Next time i’ll add cucumber and cilantro for some extra flavors and texture.


Alana Lima

5 thoughts on “Vegan Party Rolls”

    1. Yes! They’re super ease to make! My favorite part about them is that you can get creative and put whatever leftover veggies you have inside šŸ™‚

  1. The filling sounds lovely in these Alana and would go very nicely in the little rice pancakes I use…Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

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