Poetry For The Mind & Soul


Hi, welcome to the first post on the Creative Space <3

May this be a portal of expression, love and inspiration.  My words are my sanctuary and when I share them with you the thought I put into them duplicates. During our busy lives it is easy to loose feeling for what drives us to grow. May the art that is shared here, through words and pictures help spark up that flame within you and inspire and ignite growth. May it remind you of the creative and special being you are as it does to me and may it drive you to heal any emotional wounds through your own art <3 I hope you enjoy this short poem. It may speak to everyone in a different way, I’d love to know how you s feel about it.

Your Mind 
One night.
She stood.
No moon in the sky.
She thought up her worries.
She began to cry.
Numbness took over.
She heard a voice.
It said
“It’s all in your head”
She took a deep breath,
Looked up at the sky.
And there the moon was
Full. Shinning bright.
She Realized.
It was there all this time.
Dark nights came again.
With no moon in sight.
But this time she smiled,
Looked up at the sky.
She thought up her blessings,
Said to the moon:
And there the moon was as she closed her eye 🌙



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