Heal Yourself – The Power of Focus, Love and Intention

” Where focus goes, energy flows”

No one else can heal you the way you can heal yourself. That is your own special magic.

Whether it is physically or emotionally, we are capable of promoting healing within ourselves. Taking care of our body by nourishing it with food is essential but we tend to underestimate the power of the mind.

In Buddhist culture, it is believed during the moment of any meal, we should not do anything other then focus on eating. This includes, watching a show, browsing the computer or phone or even walking.

They believe it is essential we sit upright, with the legs uncrossed and with no rush to finish. These believes are derived from the  idea of focus and attention.

In order to absorb all the nutrients of the food we should 100% be focused on it when we consume it. The buddhists believe even if we are eating something that we don’t consider necessarily great for us, our mind should not be focused on that thought as we consume it.

Have you ever experienced that moment when someone offers you a piece of cake or you see fries on the table and you decide ” ok, I guess i’ll have some” but in your mind you’re thinking up a list of  100 reasons why  you shouldn’t eat it? I used to do this all the time!

What happens is, when we focus our thought on the negative outcomes, and your body and mind are ultimately connected, then you’re body will react accordantly.

So we can look at it in a different way too, when we are eating healthy food we can use the same affect and think ” Wow, this is nourishing me, healing me… and all the positive out comes of the food and its ingredients”  *SIDE NOTE* In all my recipes I share with you, I add in the end all the positive healing outcomes you get from the ingredients featured on the recipe. This is an easy way to focus and become aware of the good things you’re getting from it.

So now that we get an idea of how the body and the mind work together, we can look at how we can use the same technique and way of thinking by just using the power of the mind in a positive and healing way.

If there is a part of you that needs healing, whether that is a health issue, or an emotional problem, all you have to do to promote healing is to focus your positive attention on that particular issue.

What does thIS mean? 

Example, if you are experiencing an upset stomach, instead of focusing negative thoughts by thinking ” ugh, i really wish I wasn’t feeling this way right now” you can think ” I feel better, my pain is going away, I’m starting to feel less bloated”… And as you do this, subconsciously you are sending your healing light and attention to the area and in turn you actually start to physically feel better.

The light? 

We are light beings, we radiate what we think and what we feel. Ever walk in a room with people stressed out for an exam and think wow this room feels heavy? Or into a graduation party where everyone is celebrating and you feel an overwhelming sense of joy? What we radiate is powerful and it comes from thought and feeling. When we focus our attention on something with a positive outlook, our light is bright, healing and comes from a place of love and acceptance. A place where there is no negative emotions.

So now, reflecting a little on all those circumstances we can see that we have this great infinite power in us. We essentially can send healing to a part of our body, our food, our emotional state and even to someone else, or a group of people and even the whole world. All it takes is focus, intention and love<3



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