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Get rid of Myopia and glasses Naturally

Hi, thanks for checking out my first Alternatives & Awareness post <3

This section for me is extra special. I will be uncovering hidden gems i’ve found through deep research that I feel EVERYONE should know about. I find these posts important because they are usually OPTIONS to medical  treatment that people were NEVER told or aware of!

What is Myopia?

Myopia:  a condition of the eye in which parallel rays are focused in front of the retina, objects being seen distinctly only whennear to the eye; nearsightedness

For those of you who’ve developed myopia like me, know how frustrating it is to go to an eye doctor every year and be told your prescription went up. At least for me it was always a bummer.

Personal Experience 

When I was first told is needed contacts was when I went to get my drivers license. The doc said, -0.75 was bad enough eyesight to need contacts.. 16 at the time I nodded my head and said ok I guess I do.

1,2,3 years passed and i’d go back and my prescription just kept getting worse. -0.75 to -1.00 to -1.50, -1.75 , -2.0. In despair I’d ask him, is there anything I can do to make it stop? The answer was always “No, you can consider surgery in the future”. Unsatisfied, I started my research.

I ran across many eye exercises and videos and after testing them out I was not impressed.

Then, I found this gem of a website: http://endmyopia.org

A little skeptical at first I looked into it and learned a lot about the science behind Myopia and realized my contacts were like crutches to my eyes. My eyes were never gonna get better because they didn’t find the need to. Jake the founder of http://endmyopia.org explains clearly how your eyes are trained and how you can re-train them with effortless habits and tricks. I joined their Facebook group and realized there were many people with personal stories about how they got rid of they Myopia by using Jake’s easy to follow techniques. Jake himself went from -7.0 to 20/20 vision!

Since Jake does such a great job of explaining I suggest you watch some of his videos and checkout his website.

Come back to find out how to get your contacts or prescriptions without having to go through a $ doctor! (please check out Jakes instructions first)  vvvv

*HINT HINT* ( The U.K is great)


After following Jake’s steps I realized I needed to get contacts with slightly lower prescriptions in order to help train my eyes to improve.

Here is the issue & solution! 

The U.S PROHIBITS people to buy contacts without prescription. Since my doctor wasn’t supportive of my choice to use a slightly lower prescription,  I found an U.K website that delivers straight to your house, NO DOCTOR PRESCRIPTION NEEDED 🙂

  >>>    https://www.visiondirect.co.uk  <<<

I’ve been able to decrease 0.25, then 0.50 off my prescription and soon hope to decrease another 0.50 until I reach 20/20 vision just like Jake and all the people following his habits tricks have!

If you have myopia I highly recommend you take advantage of these sources, It feels empowering to take control of your health and say NO to a multibillion dollar industry that cares little about the individual and  the authentic selves we are.

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