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Charging Food with Intention

Did you also have a hard time with rice?

i’m fairly new to cooking, and if you’re like me you know what an adventure it is when you actually start experimenting with combining different ingredients/spices and serving it to someone  for the first time. You know that moment you’re just waiting to see what the expression on their face looks like after the first bite?  

I used to ‘cook’ when I lived back home with my parents but I didn’t experiment much with new recipes –other than smoothies.

After living on my own, I was unsatisfied with my cooking abilities and life  slowly pushed me to become more confident in the kitchen if I wanted to eat well and not spend $20 a meal eating out. After  soggy and crunchy burnt rice attempts, I finally found it. The balance. The moment of : Yes! I got this! So if you haven’t found that balance yet, or reached that special moment, don’t worry i’m here to tell you persistence really is KEY.

So now I cook every day, I try to experiment with lots of different flavors, mixing nuts, citrus, vegetables and grains. And when I  cook at home my meals are 100% plant based <3 

As I spent more time with food/ ingredients I started to really sense the energy I was emitting on to them. This might sound a little strange but bear with me for a little. You know that commonly used statement “ I cooked this with love?” That’s it! I started feeling the love that was going into the food, and my heart chakra doing its thing in a very humbling way,  as I thought of all the nutritional components of the ingredients, their journey before reaching my hand, and how it would make whoever i’d be serving feel. When i’d notice how beautifully some foods go together, cooking started feeling like a creation of art. Of colors, tastes and smells.

At this point, I realized  two things: how arrogant I was to food before and the simplicity of becoming aware. Now every time I cook something I always emphasize that love and high vibration that I believe travels back into the body as the food is consumed in a very powerful healing way.

Curious, I did some research and there is such a thing as  Charging your food. Of intentionally emitting energy, focusing on intensifying its properties  and promoting healing.

Easy ways we can do this:

  • Set an intention before we cook to ( this could be something like : May this food be cleansed with love and purified with light)
  • Becoming aware of the great journey the ingredient you use has come to reach your kitchen.
  • The feeling of gratitude can help open your heart chakra, promoting healing
  • Clearing your mind of worries and stress before you enter the kitchen

Have you ever experienced this awe moment? What do you feel when you cook, do you have any tips? Or has this feeling always been something natural to you? Share if you’d like 🙂



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