“I am eternally grateful to have been able to be a part of such a strong and inspirational group of young women. From my first phone call with Alana I knew that this group would only be the beginning of our journey together. I came into the Program with little to no groundwork for my business. I simply had a vague idea as to what I wanted to get out of the program. In the end I honestly got more than I ever could have imagined. Through Alana’s program I witnessed first-hand how powerful it is to be working with a group of likeminded women who are on the same journey towards embracing their authentic selves and growing their own brand. I have learned the vast impact tuning and honing in on your intuition can play a huge role in how to approach pursuing your passion. I received a step by step visual as to how I needed to approach building my business in the most efficient way possible, in addition to doing so at a pace that felt right for me. The group calls each week acted as such a great way to bring everyone closer together and really cultivate that one on one connection with one another. I felt that we were all in this journey towards self-discovery together, and we weren’t merely just individuals taking the class without ever conversing with one another. Not only does Alana do an amazing job with constructing such a safe and sacred space for you to share your ideas and your work, but she is also always growing and evolving herself! To witness her growth alongside my own over the past 5 weeks was truly inspiring and emulated the beauty of the human experience: to be constantly changing and evolving with the flow of life. I took so much out of this program and I cannot wait to see how many other young women Alana will go on to have a positive impact on! If you are looking to finally manifest your dreams into a reality, this course is for you!!”


“Working with Alana is one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s hardworking, passionate and good at what she does. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable and always holds space for you to grow. I’ve achieved so much since joining the program. I’ve been able to identify my limiting beliefs and work through them, gotten clear on what I want and why and improved my health drastically. I’ve also been connecting with other amazing like minded girls in the program who have taught me so much and made me feel safe. It’s been a great community for everyone to share their discoveries and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. My favorite part was getting to surround myself with all these empowered women which made the whole experience so magical as well as learning so much new about ayurveda and manifestation! This program is perfect for anyone who is tired of procrastinating their dreams and finally want act on what sets their soul on fire as well as developing the optimal health for it. “

Emma Lundstedt

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