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” Everyone is growing and learning at their own pace “

Welcome, thank you for visiting this page <3

My name is Alana.

My intention for this portal is to help promote and raise awareness on the power of  self-healing.  I am here to share personal experience but also to provide you with knowledge and resources to help you take care of  your own unique body and health. I believe we are all holistic beings  I have a long way to go with my own health journey, but i’m happy to share with you what i’ve learned so far and keep learning as I go <3

Throughout my journey of becoming more in tune with myself, i’ve been drawn again and again to the theme of holistic/alternative medicine and health. After much research, trial and error,  and personal experience, i’ve learned many ‘must know’ remedies, great healthy habits , essential natural products, and self healing techniques. These have saved me many  trips to the doctor, healed me quicker than any medication and added balance to my body and life; So  I feel I must share these special insights with you! 

What I do: I’m happy to say i’m a holistic health coach, a Plant based chef and an entrepreneur. I have  combined my passion for ancient medicine wisdom and skills of being an entrepreneur into my work. I believe nourishing ourselves is the foundation, and thriving is making a living doing what you love. I work with women and girls around the world to help them tune in/ connect with their authentic self, nourish and feel empowered to take care of their unique bodies and guide them through the process of turning dreams into goals, goals into plans, and plans into YOUR REALITY <3 

This virtual portal is all about a journey to achieve harmony and balance.  I intend to to this by syncing together the body mind and soul for an all-inclusive health approach that you can use and apply as you wish in a very personalized and authentic way  <3 

I strongly believe the light we emit has the power to travel great distances, so here I am sharing my light with you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this portal or my personal expereince, i’d be happy to learn from each other!



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Radiating Women – Live Your Passion

There is nothing more powerful than women supporting each others success while inspiring one another to grow and stretch higher by living their dreams and passion. This page is meant to inspire, connect, appreciate and  highlight women that are living their passion and spreading their light  while dancing through life to the beat of their own drums.

In today’s society, it takes courage and determination to follow your dreams ( something that sounds so natural) the goal of this page is to inspire each other to create our authentic lives, keep pushing through and feel united through the journey.

Anyone who is feeling stuck or unsure how to pursue their desires can benefit from the stories and advice shared by the many women on this page.

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I’m so happy to share this feature on This Is… Magazine!

This is the Acceptance Issue, infused with real stories of real women’s journeys and experience with accepting themselves. I love what Tatum has done with her magazine. She has created probably the most RAW and REAL magazine i’ve ever read, with each page more relatable then the one before! on page 39 I share my story, what i’m doing with my life and my future goals for Radiate Healthy Living! Check it out to find your 20% code for Radiate Oils as well!


Side Hustlers Podcast!

You can check out my episode with Carla Marie on the Side Hustlers podcast  either on iTunes or on I Heart Radio! This was the first episode of 2019 and a great way to kick off the year. Here I share all about Radiate Healthy Living, my motto, and my future plans! Thanks to Carla Marie for setting this up and making it super comfortable to be on the mic! If you have a chance to listen to it i’d love to know what you think:


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10% of all sales is donated to Ho’ola na’pua to help promote healing and care  to girls who have been victims of sex-trafficking.